Why I Love Decluttering

Is it my OCD personality? The need for order? Its that and much more…

As a busy mother of four kids, I understand how life is about routine and logistics in order to function. The need for physical and mental support is overwhelming and necessary. I have opted to live in the Judean hills and start a life in a country that I am passionate about for my family. My passions include my family, beautiful nature, colors and simplicity. I aim to help you feel passionate about your personal haven- your home.

So, what exactly about the subject of decluttering do I love?
Firstly, this is an excellent economical tool to record what you use, how you use, and how much do you use? For example, keep a pantry list either as a note in your phone, or hand written etc.. This will help you see how you spend and the habits you create.
Decluttering and creating order/systems is both aesthetic and calming knowing that things are neat and clean. A lot of studies have shown that the more organised a physical space is, the more calm the mental space is. With a whole heart I can attest this to be true both as a busy working mother of four children, and an active member of my community with people in and out of my home for shared Shabbat meals.

When I help others, I am being allowed to enter into their intimate space. It is about building personal relationships and trust without any judgement about why a person has what they have. To share memories and stories is a wonderful thing and warms the heart to hear about the history of that piece and why it made the client happy. My one client was excited to show me a bat mitzvah dress her daughter (now close to 40) wore aged 12. The item was connected to a memory which is connected to an emotion -cue right brain/left brain psychology that states that certain emotions collected in the brain are triggers for how we respond to different situations based on that memory. Its a fascinating topic- the psychology behind what we have, why we have it and why it, places an importance to our being.
When the client does decide to let it go she frees her heart and disconnects in a healthy way. This is the clincher for me! Don’t get me wrong, in life one should carry a certain amount of sentimental materials to pass down for generations to come – be real about how many “essential” sentimental items one should have. Ultimately no one can tell you what you already know- this is something that has to come from the depth of your heart.
It is also refreshing to be able to say “thank you” to that thing that served you well and you know that by donating it,  someone else will gain from that possession/item. Lightening yourself of your load is true for decluttering. You have much more physical space.
The area I connect to the most is the understanding that we are all “creatures of habit”- a famous quote from Edgar Rice Burroughs. If that be the case, then what you possess shows what type of creature you are. As habitual as we are, we have the greatest capacity to change for the better. That distinguishes us from the animal world. Decluttering is a tool to brake the bad habits and move onto who we really want to be.

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