Productivity and Organization

Productivity is something we all strive to achieve. Organization helps us to be the most productive we can be. Here are some tips that I think help to be productive:

Don’t spend time (if at all any) on your phone when you wake up-
You’ll save yourself at least half an hour and not be sucked into it. Wait until you sit at your desk at work and have coffee to check emails and news. Even better turn your phone off for a half an hour in the middle of the day to focus on other things.

Know your peak time for high energy-
Is this first thing in the am/mid am/ afternoon/eve/late eve? Seize the opportunity to do the most you can do in that time. For example, leftover dishes done in the am because you were ready to collapse in the eve.

Get as much sleep as you can-
That way you’ll be refreshed the next day.

Load your washing machine ready to turn on the night before-
Too tired to wait for the load to finish? Be ready for the on switch the following am with laundry already in drum and detergent already in the loading tray. That way when you wake up press on on short cycle (no need for more) and just before you leave the house transfer to drier or better still hang outside (time permitting).

Ask for help-
Teenage girls to fold laundry, babysitting help, cleaning help, washing dishes. Rota of family chores. Plan a budget to allow this to help you. You wont feel like you are a slave to the house work.

Get equal amounts of leisure time-
We all need this! Family days can include beach days, park afternoons, visiting relatives, picnics, hiking. camping.
Plan a once a week date night (go for a walk, dinner, movie at home, take out, play card/board games). Adult time is vital when you work together 24/7 as a logistics tag team. No phones allowed!

Shopping lists, to do lists etc… Either hand written on the fridge (shopping) or in your phone notes. No guessing off the top of your head.

Make your bed-
You don’t need to tuck it all in. Just fold the duvet half way over to refresh it- it will be appealing to you for that night. You’ll feel like a king/queen when you get into bed.

a simple walk around the block after dinner, a 5 minute stretch in the am, or a weekly class will give you more energy.

Ever heard the phrase “always ask a busy person to get something done”. A busy person will always know how to make time for something. In this merit, take something on as an act of kindness (a meal for a new mother, offer someone a ride, a charitable act). What goes around comes around. It’s good karma.

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