My 10 Rules for Home Organization/Design

My top rules in home organization/design, in no particular order:

1 Light light light-
Make use of natural light and if you don’t have use tricks such as mirrors to reflect the light. Open your blinds too. Not healthy to be in the dark in the daytime.

2 Open all windows every AM-
its super important you make this a daily habit like brushing you teeth. Your home needs to breath. It needs fresh air and to get the stale smells out. Odor creeps in and ruins your furniture and couches. There are everyday smells such as sweat from sleeping, cooking and animals in the house. Even if its a cold day, open just for a few minutes eliminating the odors and letting your house breath.

3 Close bins/garbage cans-
Again emphasizing the freshness point.

4 Use what you have without spending tons of money-
Before deciding what you need/want, take out all the things you’d rather live without. That way you clear the space for the new chapter- what you’d like. Re purpose things such as baskets, empty ice cream tubs etc. as dividers within the drawer.

5 Wish lists-
We all have a wish list for the home. Some things are more achievable then others. I like to have this goal because its definitely something to work towards- short term and long term goals.

6 Sorting-
In order to see how to make categories (socks, hair things etc) pull out an entire drawer on a clear empty space such as a bed. Sit comfortably and sort into piles- keep, throw and donate. Wipe down that empty drawer and place back in. It’s easier to see what you have when its all in front of your eyes.

7 Use what you have-
Even if you have a lot, its important that it all gets used and doesn’t lay dormant.

8 Save up for something (even inexpensive) that makes you love your home even more-
A new rug, new coffee mug set, a a painted accent wall, a new herb garden, a spice set. The list is endless – just don’t get too carried away. Once you get the new- be out with the old.

9 Display your assets –
We all have stunning one-off pieces. Perhaps its a side table, a plant, a Judaic item. Often those items are not displayed in the correct way and have been placed in the corner or buried with piles of laundry, or paperwork. No money is involved in glorifying your house – just know how to show it off in the correct way.

10 Have pride in your space –
It says a lot about your character and values.

Your home is your haven. Its somewhere that makes you safe, feel familiar and warm. Make it the place you want to walk into after a long hard day at work. Make it really great!

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