Sarah takes me up the stairs through the hallway and to her master bedroom. Along the walls are the pictures of her children when they were much younger. “This is Alice at her bat mitzvah- I still have the dress”
Alice, the oldest is now 37 and has a few children of her own.

Sarah, like many of my clients has successfully raised 3 children and is now a doting grandmother free to sleep in as late as she wants, and practice yoga every morning as she pleases. At a later stage of their lives, Sarah and her husband John are now vegan, and enjoy travelling overseas. Time has transformed from plastic proofing every inch of the home to how can I be minimal yet feel full?

As Sarah leads me through the house and tells me the stories behind the weird and wonderful items in her home, I feel privileged that she has decided to let me into her life to be a part of the memories.

The morning of my visit to help Sarah, her daughter gets divorced that very day. How ironic that my job is to divorce Sarah of her clutter.

Decluttering is not only deciding how to make order and getting rid of things that are no longer needed. We all know the rules. I often repeat: “If this hasn’t been worn for over a year, time to rethink this”. What I love is sharing the journey with the client and hearing the stories behind each item and how the family grew over the years. As we sort and discuss, the process is both therapeutic and enlightening.

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