Decluttering? Who, Why, When & Where

We all need clutter free lives.

Decluttering can be a seasonal task, or simply necessary in helping to manage and maintain work and living spaces.

Often, by decreasing your clutter one creates and empowers oneself to grow more into the new space or to start afresh.

Decluttering is essential for all to know what you have, where to find it while being in control of your space. It’s also an economical/financial benefit because it helps you to not overspend and use what you have.

It can be especially helpful as a therapy for someone that needs a life change- after all a newer/clearer space, is a clearer, focused and positive mind.

It could be someone who….

=> Has lost a loved one- needs to hold onto memories but focus on the now.

=> Gone through a breakup or a divorce- rid the house of the other person and everything that resembles them in order to move forward.

=> Had a new addition to the family- make more space for that other person.

=> Gained a new grandchild- re kid proof the house once again while making it adult friendly.

=> Downsizing their house- donate/throw away unwanted items that will no longer fill the space.

=> Sharing a space with a roommate/flatmate- what are the shared spaces and how to compromise together.