About Dalit

As a busy mother of almost four kids (in a matter of weeks), I understand how life is about routine and logistics in order to function. The need for physical and mental support is overwhelming and necessary. I have opted to live in the Judean hills and start a life in a country that I am passionate about for my family. My passions include my family, beautiful nature, colors and simplicity. I aim to help you feel passionate about your personal haven- your home.

Design/Declutter offers practical, functional solutions to suit your needs. Knowing that your things have a place gives you peace of mind. The service I offer is to help reorganize your space, declutter, home styling, downsizing, as well guiding you to work out what fits where. In addition, my natural eye for detail will enable you to make small yet inexpensive design purchases that make your house into a home. The goal is to make you stress free, calm and happy in your space- be it home, or office.