Season of Giving: 8 Clutter Free Nights

Tips to eliminate the clutter and discover a miracle of Chanukah: 1 present that lasts all 8 nights 

You know the drill; its 8 small presents or one big present. That was always the choice we were given as kids. As we got older we came to see quality over quantity was the way to go. We would choose something more meaningful over the 8 small “junky token” presents.

What will you do this year for your kids? Here are a few ideas that will be more enjoyable and will take up less space.

  1. Buy a toy that lasts.
    There are really great quality items that keep my kids happy for hours. Whether it be a pack of Magnatiles, a board game (bananagrams for older kids, double for younger ones) or building blocks.
  2. If you are buying 8 small gifts, choose carefully from the dollar stores.
    Don’t just buy 8 items that catch your eye. Inevitably most cheap products are made to be broken or have many little pieces. Try to locate objects that look more sturdy and have less parts that will get lost after a few minutes.
  3. Re-purpose gifts you are already have and give them a new life.
    That old jug that’s collecting dust in the corner can be filled with chocolate coins and dreidels that provide family entertainment one evening of the festivities.
  4. Have a “chavaya” or a family outing instead of an actual present.
    Take the kids to the new aquarium or to a circus or out for a hike. Or even for an overnight trip! Plan a picnic with traditional Chanukah foods for an extra special day. The kids will love it and the memories of the day will last more than the present will.
  5. Give by giving back.
    Decide to clean out the toy room (or let me help you pair down the stash) and bring those extra, seldom-used toys (that are still in decent shape!) to a hospital, orphanage or a day care center. Your kids will see how meaningful it is to give to those who are less fortunate and will get the warm and fuzzy feel-good feeling of giving a worthy gift!
  6. Make something from scratch.
    Paper mache, a scarf, a framed picture for the wall for the crafty ones amongst us. Just consult Pinterest for inspiration. A gift from the heart that your kids will treasure.
  7. Make it a gift that lasts.
    Something that the kids could come back to time and time again. A coloring book, play dough, or anything that gets their creative juices flowing (and will help them expand their inner imaginary worlds without taking up too much space.
  8. A magazine subscription for the kids who are reading.
    Or even for those who are not yet reading but love to look at pictures of nature, wild life, science, cars- the selection is endless and this is the gift that keeps giving. Every month. Your little one will be so excited to run and check the mail for their newest edition. And… you can recycle it when you are done!

Chag samayach 🙂


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